The treatment

Determining your energy disturbance

During the first consultation, I take plenty of time to listen to your story, your complaints, your background. I will ask specific questions, feel your pulse, look at your tongue and possibly press on certain points of your body to find out exactly where the energy is disrupted.

energetisch-bilan-300x215 I will gather as much information as possible to get an idea of the ‘root’ of the problem. Questions about your life, work situation, your eating habits, your personality, etc… will also be asked, in order to place your complaints in a broader context.

After this “energetic assessment “, I’ll be able to tell you how I see the treatment plan and what you can expect from the treatments.



het-prikken1-300x200Placing the needles

The acupuncture treatment itself happens by placing very fine needles (sterile throw-away needles) on specific acupuncture points. They will remain in place at least 20 minutes, while I lightly stimulate them occasionally.

I usually combine this acupuncture treatment with one or more additional, complementary therapies, such as:



moxa1-300x200Moxa is a herb (mugwort or artemisia vulgaris). This herb is used by acupuncturists to heat the needles and acupuncture points. This process, called moxibustion, is a very important part of Chinese medicine and is mainly used when there is cold or pain in the body. It promotes the circulation of blood and energy, and increases the yang (warm) energy in the body. It is also used to help turn a breech baby.

I use moxa in the form of a moxastick or a moxalamp.




If necessary I might also use an electrical device in order to stimulate the acupuncture points a little more.

Electrodes are then are placed on some of the needles to help a tiny electric current to enter the body. This method is used mainly for pain relief.



Gua Sha

Gua sha helps to relieve pain, and also increases blood flow. This can clear toxins, reduce chronic inflammation and increase the immune response in your body.

Gua sha consists of scraping on specific areas, usually on the back, neck or shoulders.

The scraping brings any excess heat or toxines to the surface of the body so that they can be released.

Depending on the severity of the amount of toxins or stagnation inside the body, a reddish rash may be formed on the skin. This redness is totally harmless and will disappear after a few days.

In fact, after a few subsequent treatments, this red ‘rash’ may not come up alltogether anymore, because there are no more toxins present.

Gua sha is a very effective method to relax, detoxify and revitalize the body.



Cupping is a therapy in which “cups” or glass spheres are placed on the body. These cups are then “sucked vacuum” so that they firmly stick to the desired location. This stimulates the blood flow, lift blockades, dispels cold, …



tuina-300x259During or after a treatment with needles, it often happens that I apply Tuina (acupressure). With my hands and through certain techniques I stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points.

A specific method that I use often is the abdominal massage. As a result of stress, emotions, poor nutrition, poor posture, having had an operation, …

blockages may have arisen in the abdominal zone and internal organs. This moderately intense abdominal massage helps to unblock tensions which has a beneficial effect on the physical, energetic and emotional level.


Diet and lifestyle

voeding-en-levensstijl-300x200Since I look at everything in its totality, I will, if necessary, give tips on lifestyle and diet. This may involve general advice about healthy food and purifying the body, as well as specific adjustments that you can do considering your specific energetic disturbance.

Sometimes it is very important that adjustments to the diet take place, if not the acupuncture treatments will have little effect.

It makes, for example, little sense to repair a body energetically if it is continuously being overburdened by toxines such as junk food, smoking or excessive alcohol.

Aside from this, I also take the time and space to look at your emotional well-being, at where you are in your life and how you deal with stress and tension.

Are you taking enough time for yourself? Are you sleeping enough? How is your relationship with your spouse, children, parents? What is your work situation? How do you feel generally? …

All these factors play a very important role in your healing process and determine the speed at which your symptoms may fall away.

Together, we can look at how some aspects of your life can be improved.



In combination with an acupuncture treatment, it may be necessary to also prescribe herbs. I make use of both Western and Oriental herb.

Usually I work with a combination of herbs (‘herbal formulas’) that support each other and therefore have a strong influence on your health. These herbs are composed by trustworthy firms that guarantee the effectiveness and the quality of the herbs.


kinderen-en-babys-300x200Babies and children

I’m also available for acupuncture for babies and children. Since children react strongly, it is usually enough to apply Tuina and to just massage the acupuncture points. Older children might be given a light treatment with needles.





"Happiness is nothing but good health and a short memory."

- Albert Schweitzer


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