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Hi all,

So I’d like to do the Healing Dao course again next year, so I was researching a bit on how to encourage others to join, and testimonials of people seem to work very well for that.

It would also be good to ask you questions as feedback to myself, to see what you liked/ what you did not like, to see where I can improve.

So as I was researching I found this list of about 17 questions. (Yeah I know, seems like a lot 🙂

But apparently there’s a methodology to it. It’s to make sure there’s a lot of detail. Makes it more lifelike.

Your experience is what counts and so I would really like you to answer these questions in as much detail as possible. Short, one-line answers become pretty useless as they lack detail. This detail helps me understand your journey better. So I would appreciate the maximum amount of detail in the answers.

So if I’d ask you to write it out online, I’d be asking you to invest a lot of time and I don’t really want to do that.

That’s why I’d like to ask if I could ask each of you the questions live. In that way it’ll be much quicker and will only take 10-12 mins. I can just sit down with you live, or phone you at a moment you want, and I’ll record it and type it out later.

It’ll also be more spontaneous that way and you don’t have to think that hard.

I can then learn from your review to improve the class. And also put it online to help encourage others to join. (Don’t worry: your name doesn’t have to be on the testimonial online, just initials will do.)

Here is also an example of a testimonial (so you can see the questions and already get an idea if you want):

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