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Would you like more health, wellbeing, and peace of mind?

Of course.

It is a natural drive.

Imagine a tree, continuously stretching out for more air and sunlight, and digging deeper for more water and nutrients…

We are similar.

Whatever your situation is.

It doesn’t matter whether:

  • you think your life is ok
  • whether you experience moments of low energy, stress or are feeling out of balance
  • (…or anything in between)

… we all want to improve.


And we know how to improve

It’s common knowledge. Exercise.

Now, “exercise” can mean many things , but personally I’m a great fan of “internal” exercises, or movements that are performed mindfully (in contrast to sports where your focus is not on feeling your body, like tennis or – sometimes – jogging). Mindful exercise, like Tai Chi, Chi Gong or yoga, make you feel centered ànd build up your energy (instead of depleting it).


So why are so few people actually doing mindful exercises?

For many people it’s actually hard to do it by themselves at their home.

A regular class is so beneficial

That’s because it is just so much more motivating to do it in group.

And by giving yourself one hour or more of “just-for-me” time in the class, your effort really becomes a great gift to yourself. It turns into a fruitful moment where you can focus on recharging and work on your health.

Instead of “discipline”, it starts feeling like “dedication”!


"Happiness is nothing but good health and a short memory."

- Albert Schweitzer


Mindful Movement