From stressed  to centered  with the Healing Dao course

(Using Chi Gong, Self-Massage and Daoist Meditation)


A class and exercises inspired by the ancient daoist tradition of China.


A 3-part synergy

In this course we combine:

  • Chi Gong (mindful standing movements) with
  • self-massage and
  • meditation

This specific sequence supports us in achieving more wellbeing in the body and silence in the mind. The stillness that we usually achieve at the end of each class is almost tangible.


What’s in this Healing Dao Course? And how can it help you?

Here is a preview of what’s in Healing Dao Course:


Increase 'grounding'
Avoid feeling scattered and 'being all over the place' by grounding yourself more, and feeling more centered and restful, and at the same time powerful. We'll use the turtle for instant grounding.

Create silence in your head
Go from a chatty, tiring "monkey" mind, to a pleasurable feeling of tranquility.

Increase your vitality
Whether you feel deprived of energy, or whether you're spinning around like a hamster in a hamster wheel (which is often not a sign of true energy), in this course we'll reach down into the source of energy of our body and discover what true energy and vitality is.

Not strict, but naturally, from the inside out 
Ever feel like you "hàve to do exercise", because "it's good for you"? And that you have to do it in a certain, strict way?
In this course we create a new relationship with "exercise". We allow the movements to arise from within our bodies as naturally as possible, with less of the usual pushing and forcing originating from our head.

No pressure to do it perfectly
Even though we do particular and specific exercises and meditations, there is no need to have it perfect the first time round. We can't learn the exercises with our head anyway, instead we give our bodies time and allow them to gradually shift into the forms and exercises. Not a lot of thinking required 🙂 The most important aspect really is awareness of what your doing.

The most important aspects really are “feeling” and “being aware”, not the technical details of every movement.


Simple, yet powerful Chi Gong movements
No need to study or learn complex movements. The basic exercises are easy to learn, and you can start enjoying from day one without twisting your brain. Over time we will then refine and deepen the exercises, bringing in more detail and skill.

"The specific feature that I liked the most in this course is probably the fact that we do some exercises and then repeat them and build onto them progressively. In that way I can go deeper into the exercise and not think that much about it and not have to look at Tom all the time." -- Mia


Smile inwardly
Stop fighting what is and allow yourself to be with everything that arises. The "Inner Smile" is the most basic, and at the same time maybe the most advanced, Daoist technique. It puts you in a state of grace and acceptance, more at peace and in love with yourself and what's happening.

All fitness levels
Think you can't bend your knees enough? Consider yourself not flexible enough? It doesn't matter. Everyone has a limit, however high or low it's situated. The only thing that matters is honesty with yourself and the willingness to gently move towards your personal limit. You don't need to exceed your limit or be more flexible or stronger than you are in every given moment.

Strong roots with an open heart
Get the best of 2 worlds. This is not body-building, but neither is it an airy-fairy class either. The combination of physical exercises with softer, more 'inward' practices and approaches puts you in a unique state: a feeling of strength and centeredness, in combination with gentleness.

A synergy
As mentioned above, we'll start off physically and strongly, through standing and walking exercises. The first half of the class is mostly focused on grounding and strengthening. (you'll feel your body!). After we have established that foundation, we sit down for the second part of the class. Through self-massage and more blockage releasing practices and visualizations, we prepare our bodies and minds even more for the last part. This is where we allow ourselves to sink into our center and achieve a quiet state of mind. This buildup (from physical to energy to mind) really helps to deepen our meditation.

"What I like about this class is that it is for the first part physical, grounding exercises and with the breathing, and after that, the self-massage I like a lot, and then the meditation.

This combination I like a lot. I have the feeling that in this way, it goes deeper than other courses I did before, like yoga."-- Natalie


Effortless effort
The course is approached with the emphasis on 'feeling' (rather than on 'knowledge' or outward perfection). We focus on being conscious on what is happening. You could call this "cultivating presence".

But at the same time - and this may sound paradoxical - we "let ourselves disappear" in what we do. Like we allow the exercise to happen through us. Effortless effort.

We actually let go of this idea that we may have: "Ok, now I will intently make it happen and I do this exercise."
No, this is about being soft and using the minimum amount of willpower. It's about allowing things to happen and arise from the inside out. Just by themselves. The 'I', the 'actor' is put on the back seat a little.

The result is 'presence' and awareness of what is happening (feelings, sounds, sights,...), but also with an invited absence of self.

(This is probably the opposite of how most people go through their day, with their sense of personal identity and "I" very much present ("I'm going to do this, I'm gonna do that"). But at the same time with little awareness of what's happening around them in their senses.)

"I have the feeling in this course that, although I’m doing physical exercise as well, that I can become ‘soft’ in myself. Even though I’m doing ‘exercise’.
And this is something I have not experienced before in other classes." -- Natalie



The Healing Dao course follows this sequence:

Grounding & strengthening your inner structure


releasing tension in your organs and meridians (through massage & more)




 feeling strong & centered, as well as soft & gentle



Read what people say about this course here:

"I can remember one particular day, when I had a very, very restless day, and I walked up the road a different person. I know this sounds exaggerated, but it was incredible. I was so calm, but not floating and high, I was just incrédibly calm, I was standing tall, I was relaxed and confident."  -- Andrea


"It’s nice that it is a small group. That’s easier for the teacher to respond to the needs of the group. You really have the feeling there is more involvement, and that things can be adjusted according to the needs."
-- Natalie


"Also, it is gentle but strong – not aggressive or pushing – and makes me want to look after my health." -- Andrea


"Clear, and powerful, but at the same time in a gentle manner. With a lot of respect for everyone’s limitations or tresholds.

The emphasis mainly lies on feeling yourself, on feeling your body and where your limits are and getting to know your own body better. The emphasis is more on this aspect, and not so much on a completely correct execution of every exercise."-- Natalie


"Also, a lot of the exercises are being repeated, but still there’s a lot of variety. So, you’re able to follow along easily, but at the same time every class is not the same. There’s always variation which keeps it interesting."
-- Natalie


Read more testimonials here


What this course is NOT about:

1. This is not a course that will teach you “knowledge” or mental “concepts”. Sure, we do use “concepts” (mainly chinese/daoist), but very sparingly, and they’re never presented as ‘the truth’, but rather as an invitiation to explore and to feel. You are invited to feel for yourself what the exercises and moments of stillness are doing with you.

2. This is also not about doing things ‘perfectly’. In fact, it's better if you put less emphasis on any outward perfect performance, but rather focus on doing the exercises and meditations with consciousness and gentle ‘feeling’. This is about finding your own feeling, and finding the experience of ‘you’ behind the outward form.

Note: this is not to say that the physical form and right execution of the exercise doesn’t matter. It does, it just has not got the top priority 🙂

3. Exact scientific proof. If you're someone who gets irritated easily because a concept is not backed up by overly rigorous 'evidence-based practices' or because it lacks the support of 'peer reviewed articles', then this is not for you. We're using a common-sense, feeling-centered approach. So even though this course is not airy fairy, we may do a little visualisation here and there, or use a concept such as 'energy' or 'chi'.


What you will learn in this Healing Dao Class

Specific exercises

  • Learn why your "Inner Structure" is so important (as well as how to strengthen it)
  • Multiple ways to open your "Microcosmic Orbit"
  • Act like an animal & benefit your organs and meridians
  • Learn useful, specific acu-pressure points that improve your health
  • "Meridian Chi Gong": enjoyable moves to stimulate the flow in your meridians

Find a new way of doing "exercise"

  • approach precise, centuries-old and serious practices with a light hearted attitude
  • Discover the elements that allow you to take the first steps on the path of "Inner Alchemy"
  • How to get to a level deeper than "just exercise" (a level called "Nei Gong")
  • Have the experience of doing exercises in a group, and get the benefits of increased motivation ánd a stronger group energy

Take control of your health

  • Learn which exercises you can easily do at home to increase your daily wellbeing, almost on demand
  • What exact parts of your body to self-massage to increase your total wellbeing
  • Touch deep & hidden blockages to restore your inner flow


"After the class I usually have the feeling that 'everything is fine'. And I feel much more alive, less ‘blocked’, more positive, with a different emotion. Life seems to be easier after the class compared to before. It’s my perspective on the world that has changed. More happy. More connected, more present, more ‘here’." -- Mia



The course
When: weekly for 8 weeks. Starting february 23th 2017, ending april 13th. Every thursday, 16:30 to 18:00 hr.
Closed course: Because we build upon what we learned in previous classes, and to avoid having new people and to have to explain everything once again, this is a closed course once it has started. This will allow us to build up a group energy and go just that bit deeper. So, a commitment for the 8 weeks will be asked.
Max amount of participants: 8 (to keep the class small and focused)
Cost: 55 euro for the 8 classes

The try-out
To help you make up your mind, there are two try-out classes before the actual course starts:
Thursday 9 & 16 february. 16:30 to 18:00 hr.
Cost: per donation

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Calle Lora Tamayo, Casa 1
18400 Órgiva, Spain

More info?
email: tom (at)
phone: 64 20 63 297



"Happiness is nothing but good health and a short memory."

- Albert Schweitzer


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