From stressed  to centered  with the Healing Dao course

(Chi Gong, Self-Massage and Daoist Meditation)


In this class inspired by the ancient daoist tradition of China, we combine ancient old exercises into a specific sequence that supports us in achieving more wellbeing in the body and silence in the mind.

Through this sequence, we can achieve a
stillness at the end of the class that is almost tangible.

What exactly is in this Healing Dao Course?

(And how can it help you?)

Here's a preview of what’s in the course:

5 Animal Walks

The 5 Animal Walks or Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong. In this easy and fun set we walk around, stretching certain parts of the body, while imitating the animals bear, deer, crane, monkey and tiger in a specific way.

This series increases your vitality and also corrects structural imbalances.

Inner Structure Exercises

These exercises (mostly from the Iron Shirt practices of Mantak Chia's Healing Dao system) improve the alignment in your body in relation to the ground. The result is better 'rooting' or 'grounding'.

"Standing like a tree"

Some examples:

  • Standing like a a tree
  • Turtle stance
  • The iron bridge
  • and other...



These exercises "ground" you in your physical body, as well as make you stronger overall. They increase the strength and stability of your whole back and neck, and thus improve your posture.


After we established our ground, we can build on that foundation and explore the softer parts of ourselves. We will be opening the energy body even further.

This happens sitting on a chair, or if you choose to, on a mat on the floor.

By massaging our body, and in particular our belly and abdomen, we can touch previously hidden (emotional) blockages that we might not have known were there.

This massage can happen in many ways: it can take the form of tapping, or it is possible we might be pressing specific acupuncture points, or gently stroking is another option... it all depends on the actual moment and what is needed.


We end the session with a short meditation. At first guided (which may be focusing on a certain point on the body, a visualization, observing the breath,...), but all inspired by daoist practices. At the very end we just surrender to what happens and sit in stillness.

Style of teaching

So that is WHAT we do. But even more important is HOW we do it:

Not strict, but naturally, from the inside out 
In this course we create a new relationship with "exercise". We allow the movements to arise from within our bodies as naturally as possible, with less of the usual pushing and forcing originating from our head.

This is about cultivating a soft presence and using the least amount of willpower. It's about allowing the exercise to happen through us. Just by themselves. Effortless effort.

No pressure to do it perfectly
Even though we do particular and specific exercises and meditations, there is no need to have it perfect the first time round. We can't learn the exercises with our head anyway, instead we give our bodies time and allow them to gradually shift into the forms and exercises.

All fitness levels
Think you can't bend your knees enough? Consider yourself not flexible enough? It doesn't matter. Everyone has a limit, however high or low it's situated. The only thing that matters is honesty with yourself and the willingness to gently move towards your personal limit.

You don't need to exceed your limit or be more flexible or stronger than you are in every given moment. The idea is to work with these limits and enjoy moving within them. And when the body is ready, the limits will be shifted naturally anyway.


The Healing Dao course follows this sequence:


Grounding & strengthening your inner structure


Releasing tension in your organs and meridians (through massage & more)




The result is feeling strong & centered, as well as soft & gentle


Read what people say about this course here:

"I can remember one particular day, when I had a very, very restless day, and after the class I walked up the road a different person. I know this sounds exaggerated, but it was incredible. I was so calm, but not floating and high, I was just incrédibly calm, I was standing tall, I was relaxed and confident."  -- Andrea


"It’s nice that it is a small group. That’s easier for the teacher to respond to the needs of the group. You really have the feeling there is more involvement, and that things can be adjusted according to the needs."
-- Natalie


"Also, it is gentle but strong – not aggressive or pushing – and makes me want to look after my health." -- Andrea


"Clear, and powerful, but at the same time in a gentle manner. With a lot of respect for everyone’s limitations or tresholds.

The emphasis mainly lies on feeling yourself, on feeling your body and where your limits are and getting to know your own body better. The emphasis is more on this aspect, and not so much on a completely correct execution of every exercise."-- Natalie


"Also, a lot of the exercises are being repeated, but still there’s a lot of variety. So, you’re able to follow along easily, but at the same time every class is not the same. There’s always variation which keeps it interesting."
-- Natalie


Read more testimonials here



Every thursday, 16:30 to 18:00 hr.
2 open try-out classes: 20 april & 27 april.
Then 8 weeks closed group: 4 may to 22 june.
(With a closed group we can sink deeper in ourselves.)

See calendar for all dates.

Brenda's Yurt,
Rio Chico
18400 Órgiva, Spain

Try-out class: 5 eur
Then: 55 euro for the 8 classes.

More info?
email: tom (at)
phone: 64 20 63 297



"Happiness is nothing but good health and a short memory."

- Albert Schweitzer


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