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testimonial-placeholder-womanReview of the “Healing Dao” course, october – december 2016.

By Mia



Why did you sign up for this course?

Probably my health actually. I have problems with my back and sometimes have low energy, so I was thinking about doing Qi Gong. I wanted to include some good exercises into my life.


Did you have any views before about Qi Gong before you started this course?

I never tried it but I was expecting some exercises with movement and with some breathing. I did not expect that much, I try not expect much in general. But it turned out nice, yes, it was very good.


What is your feeling now at the end of the course?

I can describe how I feel after each session: If I arrive feeling ‘blocked’, I normally leave unblocked, and I go away much more ‘alive’.

Sometimes I am so tired that I can’t really rest, even when I sleep many hours during the night.

Today that happened too, and at the beginning of the class I wanted to leave straight away because that was a moment that I could get some rest. Qi Gong is really a small thing to include into every day life. But it is always the same thing: resistance. The thought comes: “oh, this is more important than that.” Well, no, it is not more important really.

With a group it is different. I know that when I come to the class, it’s time for just Qi Gong. The first two or three sessions I had a lot of resistance before I came. I wanted to come, but at the same time there was some kind of resistance. I had thoughts like: “Hmm, maybe today I will not go…”.

What changed then?

I don’t know… I stopped thinking 🙂

But also, a couple of times after the class I felt very nice, and these positive feelings got remembered afterwards. So the resistance decreased.


What was your experience with the group and the difference it made for you?

I feel myself in company, and I feel surrounded, together. Sometimes there are some jokes, some fun, and sometimes maybe I see other people doing things a different way. Yes, the group work adds something extra.


Could you describe to a newcomer how this course is taught? What they can expect?

The teaching is very flowing, sometimes even funny. There’s not a lot of pressure to be perfect either, the concentration is not too much on the technique, which I like.

I understand everything, everything is clear for me. It’s just easy to get into it. The rythm is nice. It’s very accessible and there is some fun and jokes as well.

Also, I like that things repeat. I am looking forward to some exercises. I would not like to do something different every time because I would be lost. Although, some things are different every time. Sometimes Tom includes a bit more detail and knowledge to the same exercise. So that is nice as well. It is the same exercise but at the same time it is not. It is just a deepening.


How does this course compare with other courses of Qi Gong, meditation and yoga for you?

I’ve never done any Qi Gong before, I did a bit of kundalini yoga, which is nice as well.


What specific feature did you like most about this course?

Probably the fact that we do some exercises and then repeat them and build onto them progressively. In that way I can go deeper into the exercise and not think that much about it and not have to look at Tom all the time.

Sometimes it stresses me a bit to do something new all the time. Well, there iss a new element every week in the class, but there iss also the structure that I knew, that I learned before.

With some exercises I was able to feel comfortable in it after a few lessons. For example, the ‘crane’ exercise. I tried something similar like that before in Tai Chi and I never liked it, I did it with a lot of force. But this time I found the right way of doing it, and finally it felt good, really like a bird, a crane.


What would you say are the biggest benefits of this course for you?

Sometimes I leave more relaxed, sometimes I feel like I would like to go to sleep afterwards… which is perfect, because I arrive stressed, or anxious or whatever. It depends how I arrive in the class.

So afterwards I usually have the feeling that ‘everything is fine’. And I feel much more alive, less ‘blocked’, more positive, with a different emotion. Life seems to be easier after the class compared to before. It’s my perspective on the world that has changed. More happy. More connected, more present, more ‘here’.


Were the online pictures of the exercises useful to you?

Well… I need a video, with the whole process, with the breathing and the when and how etc… I don’t like reading much.


Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

I would recommend it for whatever health problems people have, or back problems. Or if they’re tired or just want a type of exercise with movement and chi.

I definitely think Qi Gong is one of the best things to work on your health with. To loosen up more, and to connect more with the body.


Did you find the course hard at times? Mentally? Physically?

No, not physically or mentally hard. In the beginning there was only my resistance but that is my thing, that was not because the course was hard. My resistance usually pops up just before coming to the course. It’s my thing. It happens with other things as well.

I overcame that resistance by discipline, but also by remembering how good the class felt before. If it weren’t for that positive memory, it would be like: “Ok, I should go do it”. But that would be much more difficult to follow through. It’s the memory of the positive feeling that made it easier for me.


Are you considering signing up for another course?

It would be nice to come back, yes.


Did you feel like there was something missing from the course? If so, what?

I found the room a bit too cold. And maybe videos after the exercises would be helpful as well.



December 2016



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"Happiness is nothing but good health and a short memory."

- Albert Schweitzer


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