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testimonial-placeholder-womanReview of the “Healing Dao” course, october – december 2016.

By Natalie



Why did you sign up for this course?

I just generally wanted to do some movement, and get some more flexibility, as well as feeling more ‘grounded’, and relaxed.


Did you have any views before about Qi Gong before you started this course?

Yes, I did medicinal Qi Gong before, and I didn’t really like it that much, because I had the feeling that it was very tight and strict, and that I had to do everything completely according to the rules.

So, I felt pretty restricted and I had the feeling that there was little flexibility or freedom… little space for expression of myself. So I didn’t have a good experience with that class.


Has this Healing Dao course changed your view on how Qi Gong & meditation can be?

The big difference is that in Tom’s course, things are not put forward as “The Truth”, but are brought forward more as a suggestion to do something. And there is an amount of space to actually experiment with the movement itself.

The most important aspects really are “feeling” and “being aware”, not the technical details of every movement. And that suits me better actually, because I have the feeling of being able to breathe more.


What was your experience with the group and the difference it made for you?

It’s nice that it is a small group. That’s very pleasant because then there is more connection with the teacher as well as with everyone in the group. That’s a great aspect. It’s less anonymous that way and more personal.

And it’s easier for the teacher to respond to the needs of the group. You really have the feeling there is more involvement, and that things can be adjusted according to the needs of the people in the group.

It’s like a cosy, familiar feeling.


Could you describe to a newcomer how this course is taught? What they can expect?

Clear, and powerful, but at the same time in a gentle manner. With a lot of respect for everyone’s limitations or tresholds.

The emphasis mainly lies on feeling yourself, on feeling your body and where your limits are and getting to know your own body better. The emphasis is more on this aspect, and not so much on a completely correct execution of every exercise.

Apart from that, the exercises are explained very clearly, and are being demonstrated very well, so I’m able to follow well, and the exercises get repeated at a relaxed pace.

Also, a lot of the exercises are being repeated, but still there’s a lot of variety. So, you’re able to follow along easily, but at the same time every class is not the same. There’s always variation which keeps it interesting.


Describe the teacher.

Tom’s able to transmit things clearly and in a relaxed way, with a lot of humor, and a lot of attention for every individual. He’s also unpretentious, without arrogance, like without giving the feeling that he knows things better than others.


How does this course compare with other courses of Qi Gong, meditation and yoga for you?

What I like about this class is that it is for the first part physical, grounding exercises and with the breathing, and after that, the self-massage I like a lot, and then the meditation.

This combination I like a lot. I have the feeling that in this way, it goes deeper than other courses I did before, like yoga.

I have the feeling by doing the physical movements first that it helps me with getting good deep meditations, and I also have just a nice feeling in my body through the exercises. Grounded. I did strong exercises with my legs and arms, without overdoing it. But result is I have worked with my body in a relaxed way.

Also it’s energetic work, part of it is using visualization using your intention, more than was present for example before in some yoga I did. But then again, there’s not too much of that either 🙂 There’s a good balance I think. I do not have the feeling I have to visualize all the time in my head and ‘think’ too hard. There’s still enough breathing space.


What specific feature did you like most about this course?

I have the feeling in this course that, although I’m doing physical exercise as well, that I can become ‘soft’ in myself. Even though I’m doing ‘exercise’.

And this is something I have not experienced before in other classes, like in that medicinal Qi Gong I talked about definitely not, and in yoga actually also not so much. I had less the feeling that I could experience that ‘softness’ there. Also because there was less stroking of my body, and less self-massage and less smiling inwardly.


What would you say are the biggest benefits of this course for you?

Becoming softer
Becoming more ‘open’
More silent in my head
and also better grounded
+ nice feeling in my body 🙂


Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

Yes. For all the reasons I said before.


Did you find the course hard at times? Mentally? Physically?

On the contrary, classes were too short 🙂


What advice would you give to people thinking about signing up?

Try it and see if it is something for you.


Did you feel like there was something missing from the course? If so, what?

Yes, it is too short. For me personally it could last at least 15 mins longer, doing more physical exercises. I find the physical part always too short.




December 2016



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