0) Think back to before you started: did you have any hesitations before you decided to choose this Healng Dao course? If so, what were they & how did you get the confidence to overcome these doubts?

1) What was your primary reason for taking this Healing Tao course?

2) What were your preconceptions about Qi Gong and meditation before this course began?
3) How have these preconceptions changed now, at the end of this course? Has it changed your view on how Qi Gong & meditation can be?



4) Could you describe to a newcomer how this course is taught? (the teaching methodology) What can they expect?
5) Describe the teacher (yes, even the irritating part) (f you haven’t already done so in the previous question).

6) Please tell about your experience with the group and the difference it made for you?



7) For you personally, how does this course compare with other courses of Qi Gong, meditation and yoga? What’s unique about this Healing Dao class?



8) What feature or aspect of this Healing Dao course did you like most? (if not answered before)
9) For you personally, what is the biggest benefit of this class?

What issues did this class help you with?
(stress? restlessness? physical problems. … could be anything… you name it)

9b) Can you come up with two more benefits?

10) Did you find the course hard at times? Mentally? Physically? If so, how tough was it, and what you had to do to keep going? How did you overcome it?

11) How did the extra online material of the exercises help (if it did)?



12) In general: what advice would you give to people who are looking to follow a Qi Gong class? What should they be aware of?

13) Would you recommend this course to others? If yes: for any reason in particular?

14) Have you done other courses with Tom?
have you signed up or considered signing up for another course? Why?



15) Did you feel like there was something missing from the course? If so, what?

16) Anything else that’s on your heart that you’d like to add?




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- Albert Schweitzer


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